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Wilderness First Aid, WFR - Wilderness First Responder, WAFA - Wilderness Advanced First Aid, WFR - Bridge, Wilderness EMT


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"Because Out Here Sometimes Shit Does Happen"



Our Company & Medic Team were the official On-Set Wilderness Medics & Rescue Support Team for The Canadian Episode Of Naked & Afraid


Our Company & Medic Team have been the official Race Medics & Rescue Support Team for Storm Racing's Adventure Race Series for 7 Years


Students are encouraged to develop the habit of systematically thinking through and documenting their assessment decisions/plans. There are a lot of differences between what is taught in an urban Standard First Aid Course and a Wilderness First Aid Course. Urban courses are designed for the lay rescuer where 911 services are usually only minutes away, where as Wilderness Courses assume help could be hours or even days away. Because of this Wilderness First Aid Courses are a lot more in depth and provide a much higher level of knowledge, as well as, a higher and more technical skill set.
Our Instructors have seen first-hand the negative outcomes that result from wilderness medical emergencies where those involved lacked quality wilderness medical training. Our instructors take it upon themselves to offer quality wilderness first aid training, in an attempt to reduce the number of life-threatening medical emergencies that occur in the wilderness each year. Wilderness First Aid courses should be considered as an added benefit when you are looking for quality wilderness survival training. Survival skills are the first part to being prepared for the unexpected, but wilderness medicine and first aid is the second part that completes the preparedness training for the unexpected!
Our Wilderness First Aid Courses are ONLY taught by real world Emergency Responders, for example, Paramedics, Nurses, Fire Fighters etc. No weekend, book taught, Check ABC, Call 911 Instructors here. Our instructors are the same people that come to your aid when you call 911. In addition, all of our instructors possess extensive Wilderness Experience having taught and worked in all of the natural environments of Canada, from the high arctic to the boreal forest; the East Coast to the mountains in the West, we have been there.

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