Advanced Overnight Wilderness Survival

Wilderness Survival Course Sheter

Course Cost: $220.00+Hst

Duration: Overnight

Prerequisite: Online Introduction To Wilderness Survival

This course is centered around practical training and hands on experience. Students will  build a mock survival site where they will utilize distress signals, construct a hot bed to protect them from the cold and the element followed by the construction of a survival shelter that they will spend the night in.


Students will Look at basic environmental hazards such as hypothermia and effective, improvised ways to mitigate these risks.


You will gain valuable insight into how you as an individual would react in a real survival situation. How much firewood do you need to make it through one night? How will you react when you have limited food and water resources? Do you have the physical and mental stamina? 


You choose what clothing to wear... did you choose wisely? or would you do something different if you had it to do over again?


This course is all about learning in a safe controlled environment under the watchful eyes of your instructors.


Spend a full day and one night in a beautiful wilderness setting learning to survive.  Come morning you will be ready for a hot shower, a hot meal and a good days rest.


Your instructors will do a group debrief and have a group discussion then you will be on your way for that Extra Large Double Double Tim Hortons Coffee you will be craving, already thinking about tackling the next Level of Wilderness Survival Courses.


No sleeping bags allowed... you will be taught how to SURVIVE without one. After all this is a survival course, not a camping course !


Experience First Hand : 


  • Build Distress Signals

  • Hands On Shelter Building

  • Building Mental Stamina & Confidence

  • Students Build A Shelter and Survival Camp They Will Spend The Night In

  • Shelter Critiquing

  • Experience First Hand The Psychology of Survival

  • Fire Management Skills

  • Introduction To Hypothermia Sleeping Protection & Techniques

  • Basic Core Temp Management Skills

  • Finding Natural Tinder

  • Finding Natural Fire Lighting Aids

  • Fire Lighting with a Striker

  • Basic Twig Bundles

  • Getting a Fire Started

  • Keeping a Fire Burning

  • Selection of Proper Wood

  • Build a Bough Bed