Online Introduction To Wilderness Survival

Course Cost: $75.00+Hst

Duration: Self Study Online

Prerequisite: for the Advanced Overnight Survival Course.


If you want to learn fundamental survival skills, this is the course for you!


This course is an online program and a prerequisite for those wanting to move on to the in person advanced overnight course.

You will gain knowledge that develops your ability to survive in the Canadian bush, using only the resources nature provides and items found in a standard survival kit.


Learn about items you should have in your survival kit. Learn basic fire starting skills. This course will give you a walk through on building your own survival kit and look at pros and cons. you will also learn the topics listed below:

Learn Survival Fundamentals

  • Equipment Selection

  • How To Build A Survival Kit

  • Psychology of Survival

  • Fire Lighting Techniques For All Weather Conditions

  • Clothing Selection

  • Signaling Devices & Methods Of Construction

  • Intro to Shelters

  • Intro To Canada's Search & Rescue System

  • Water Purification and Food Source Discussions & Demonstrations

  • General Wilderness Safety Topics