Arctic Survival

Arctic Survival 1

Course Cost: $185+Hst

Duration: 1 Day

This course is a one day introduction to basic cold weather survival techniques. Students are introduced to basic principles required to survive in such a hostile environment.


As a group students will construct an appropriate winter survival shelter under the guidance of our instructors. The key is to ensure that certain aspects of the shelter are constructed in a way that maximum protection from the elements is gained.

Topics such as Hypothermia & Frostbite prevention & Treatment will be discussed as well as basic arctic survival principles & practices.

Arctic Survival 2

Course Cost: $220+Hst

Duration: 2 Days

This course is a two day program where students will construct a shelter suitable able to the environment and conditions which through the use of a mock survival scenario will be given an opportunity to spend a night in their shelter. Students will use the skills they have been taught through day 1 to successfully survive the night and build there confidence and proficiency for dealing with extreme cold weather environments.