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Wilderness Survival Courses

Wilderness Survival Safety Lecture, Course

Customizable Wilderness Survival Lecture (Companies & Groups)

This lecture is custom tailored to your specific needs. These lectures can be set up to cover specific challenges or operating environments you face. We can train your group or staff on the specific equipment you choose to carry or are required to carry under the Regulations. This program is an interactive presentation with displays, Over Head Slides and hands on demonstrations. It can be taught either in a boardroom, classroom or outdoors. We can travel to you.

Wilderness Survival Course

Introduction To Wilderness Survival

This course will give you a walk through on the basics of wilderness survival skills

Online Wilderness Survival Course

Online ONLY Basic Wilderness Survival

Learn the core skills of survival - shelter, water, fire, and food - in a format that allows you to participate at home and at your own pace. Become competent in taking care of your survival needs in the wilderness. See the outdoors with new eyes – such as which plants you can eat.

Overnight Wilderness Survival Camp

Advanced Overnight Wilderness Survival

Students will build a mock survival site where they will utilize distress signals, construct a hot bed to protect them from the cold and the elements followed by the construction of a survival shelter that they will spend the night in.

Aircrew Survival Training Course

Aviation Wilderness Survival For Pilots

This course is best suited to the training needs of small groups such as flying clubs or corporate flight departments. In addition it would be a great resume booster for those looking to fly in Northern Remote Regions.

Winter Survival Course

Winter Polar Arctic Survival

Students will learn how to construct snow shelters as well as develop the skills needed to survive in an environment where temperatures can hover in the range of -40 or below.

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