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Wilderness Risk Management Consulting Services


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"We Are Here, Because Accidents DO !! Happen Out There"

Wilderness Rescue Solutions is a Rescue & Training Consulting Firm, based in Ontario providing Rescue and Training advice and solutions to a wide range of businesses across a number of industries.


Wilderness Rescue Solutions is based in Pickering, Ontario Canada, however we operate and travel to provide services for our clients throughout the country.

Wilderness Rescue Solutions also provides support and assistance to professional consultants on an associate consultancy basis, in order to supplement and expand the services that such professional consultants are able to provide to their own clients.

Our comprehensive range of health & safety consultancy services offer the guidance, support and assistance required to achieve legislative compliance.  We believe that by partnering with our clients we can provide the most suitable and cost effective solutions to their consultancy requirements.

Our consultancy services include:

Wilderness Rescue Solutions can provide comprehensive risk management consultation services, tailored to a client’s specific needs and budget.


From Preventative & Proactive Safety Audits and incident management to medical protocols and program development, evaluation and training.


We can consult on a long running existing program on how to close any loop holes in modern legislation to developing a program or policies from the ground up, Our management can provide the framework for outdoor adventure companies, Remote & Wilderness Worksites or any other dynamic to effectively manage their unique risks.

We combine medical, legal, and risk management expertise to advise clients on the following topics, and to assist with the auditing, developing or implementation related to these issues:

  • Incident Management Plans and Training

  • Wilderness Medical Training & Protocols

  • Wilderness Rescue Training & Protocols

  • Crisis Response Training

  • First Aid Kits & Rescue Equipment

  • Communication Equipment

  • Employee Manuals

  • Liability Waivers and Assumption of Risk Forms

  • Youth Policies and Forms

  • Insurance Policies

  • Inter Agency Coordination

  • Development and coordination of Emergency Evacuation Plans

  • Logistics Coordination and procurement for expeditions

  • Supervisory & Managerial Training Programs in Due Diligence & Risk Reduction

  • Accident investigation

  • Conducting risk assessments 

  • Fire risk assessments 

  • Health and safety management audit and review 

  • Health and safety policy preparation 

  • Camp, Remote work site medics & safety officers, Bear Monitors, Firefighters, Nurses ETc

  • Occupational health services

  • Training needs analysis

  • Workplace health, safety and environmental inspections

  • Rescue Plan Development

  • Medical Equipment Provision & Training

  • Rescue Provision & Training

Onsite Medical & Rescue Services

We can provide medical & rescue services in: 

  • Water utilizing water rescue techniques and training.

  • Stand By Medics, First Aiders, Nurses, Fire Fighters Etc...

  • Wilderness Survival Experts

  • Rescue Boat Operators

  • Bear Monitor

  • Fully Stocked & Staffed Ambulance

Risk Management And Prevention is a huge part of our company's philosophy & values
In all of our courses our instructors prioritize risk management skills to prevent injury and illness. 

Students learn to:


  • Identify common causes of injury and illness and prevent them

  • Practice prevention of environmental conditions common in the backcountry

  • Practice risk management to mitigate risks that are controllable

  • Practice risk management to navigate risks that are unavoidable

Wilderness & Remote Workplace  |  Emergency & Disaster Planning

Wilderness & Remote Workplace | Emergency & Disaster Planning

OH&S Legislation in Canada - Owner, Director, Supervisor Duties & Due Diligence

OH&S Legislation in Canada - Owner, Director, Supervisor Duties & Due Diligence

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