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Now Booking Working On Ice Courses for 2019 Season

The time has come where we have started scheduling and booking our Winter 2019 Working on Ice & Ice Water Rescue training courses for our clients. These courses are required for those companies who have employees working on or traveling across frozen sheets of water, or have employees who are required to work at the edge of open water and ice sheets.

These courses are also very beneficial to those who play on the ice during such activities as ice fishing, cross country skiing and Snowmobiling.

Every year we hear news reports of the tragic death of an individual that fell through the ice and succumbed to the cold water and the inability to self rescue themselves. Do your due diligence as an employer and ensure your employees are properly trained to limit your liability.

These courses fill up quickly and are only offered for a limited seasonal period do to the specific environmental conditions required to host these classes.

Contact our office soon to ensure a space is available for you or your employees.

705-741-2248 or email us

Feel free to read this article that was created by one of our past participants.



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