The Map & Compass Course is the course that gives you the knowledge to 

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Online Training
Course Cost: $150+Hst

Canada is home to some amazing and rugged terrain, Participants of this course will experience an opportunity to learn basic navigation skills. When your GPS batteries die. you will have the skills and knowledge to navigate your way with a map and compass. You will learn how a compass works, how to read a topographic map and how to use the two together to find bearings and navigate your way. The course will discuss the use of GPS and using your smartphone.​ This course has both a classroom component as well as some hands on learning in an outside environment. At the end of the course you will be given a chance to put all your new skills to the test to navigate your way through a forested area. 

Upcoming Course Dates

Jan 27th 2019

Mar 30th 2019

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