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"We Are Here Because Accidents Do Happen Out There"

Our Instructors have the experience and knowledge to effectively train your staff in specialized topics including, Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness Survival Skills and various areas of Wilderness & Remote location safety practices.


Unlike most other training companies we understand your environment and the challenges that your operational and play locations can provide. How do we know? Because we have been there.


We have taught all over Canada's Arctic Region as well as from the West Coast to the East Coast.


We provide specialized training solutions for those who work in the Outdoors, Mining, Gas, Environmental, Offshore, Drilling, Government Agencies, Geological, Scientific, Aviation & Oil Industries. Our Law Enforcement courses are taught by experienced industry professionals with real world experience. For these Companies we offer a one stop source for high quality training solutions offering:


Courses in topics such as: Wilderness Survival, Wilderness First Aid, Bear Safety as well as Working On Ice & Ice Water Rescue.

Just to name a few.


Take a look around and give us a call so we can help you receive a custom training solution that meets all of your needs. You can come to us or we can come to you!


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Of  Developing Custom Training Solutions To Meet Our Clients Needs

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Wilderness First Aid




Our instructors provide high quality, specialized Wilderness First Aid training for those who work and travel in Remote  Wilderness Environments. Our courses are taught by real world Emergency Responders such as Paramedics, EMT's Nurses & Firefighters 

Wilderness Safety

& Rescue Courses

We offer a wide range of Wilderness Safety & Wilderness Rescue Courses for those who work and travel in Remote Wilderness locations. From Bear Safety, Map & Compass Navigation, ATV & Snowmobile Safety to Working On Ice, Ice Water Rescue & Swiftwater Rescue. We offer a host of courses that will ensure your safety.

Wilderness Survival


We provide high level, real world training courses in Modern Practical Survival Skills. These courses put the target on training you in skills that could potentially save your life during real world wilderness emergencies. 

Aviation Survival, Wilderness Survival, Maritime Survival, Urban Survival, Arctic Survival

Canoe Courses


We provide a host of canoe courses geared to those who are looking to work as Wilderness guides.

Event Medical

& Rescue Services


We can provide fully trained and equipped emergency service personnel including: Medics, First Responders, Firefighters, Nurses , Rescue Divers, Lifeguards, Wildlife Control /Bear Safety & rescue services for your event or project.

Film & Television

Production Services


We provide Wilderness Medical, Survival and Rescue Safety Services for the film and Tv Production industry. We provide a one stop shop for a variety of services that are of interest to the film and TV production world.

Previous Production Client References Available

Occupational Health & Safety Courses


Transportation Of Dangerous Goods

Sexual Harassment

SCBA - Self Contained Breathing 

Confined Space

& Many More Courses

Wilderness Course Packages

The Weekender

The Wilderness Guide

The Wilderness Responder

The Canoe Specialist

The Hiker

The woodsman

Marine Safety & Boating Courses

Basic Marine First Aid

Introduction To Sailing Lessons

Basic Small Boat Hands On Training

Advanced Power Boat Handling

Marine Restricted Radio License

Bluewater Survival Training

Life Raft & Epirb Training

Survival Suit Training

Distress Signaling & Flare Training

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