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Basic Wilderness First Aid


$225.00 + Hst


2 Days

Who is the Basic Wilderness First Aid Course For?

This course is a fun and practical introduction into Wilderness First Aid. We create realistic scenarios to prepare our students for emergencies they may encounter while enjoying the outdoors.

This course is perfect for anyone who likes to play in the great outdoors! We cover all of the essential topics while putting you into a number of realistic scenarios using fake blood and moulage makeup.

This course is perfect for those who play in the outdoors and would like to add on to their urban Standard First Aid qualification.

Course Delivery Method?

The BWFA course is a 2-day course that offers a great insight into the world of Wilderness First Aid.

You can also choose to do the hybrid course which includes and online portion you complete at your own pace followed by an in person portion of the course.

Our Basic Wilderness First Aid course provides students the convenience of an online pre-study module which covers core theoretical topics.

Students are given access to the Online component of the course after they complete their registration and enrollment in the course.

The online portion provides students the opportunity of reviewing material in the comfort of their own home and at their own pace.

Once completed the students then move to the in-person practical portion of the course where they are given 1 day of hands on practice with the skills & concepts they have become familiar with through their online pre-study.

Your Instructor

Wilderness Rescue Solutions

Wilderness Rescue Solutions

Over 20 Years of Experience Consulting, Instructing & Working in the Emergency Services Field.

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