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Online ONLY Basic Wilderness Survival


$87.00 + Hst


20 Hours Online

About the Course

Prerequisites: Non

Duration: Self Paced Study Aprox. 20 Hours.

Delivery Method: Online Classroom

Ready to transform your experience with the outdoors?

Learn the core skills of survival - shelter, water, fire, and food - in a format that allows you to participate at home and at your own pace. Become competent in taking care of your survival needs in the wilderness. See the outdoors with new eyes – such as which plants you can eat.

Come away with practical life-saving skills, a deeper relationship with nature, greater confidence, and resources to share with your family & friends for fun and in emergencies

This course is an online program and a prerequisite for those wanting to move on to the in person advanced overnight course, or those who just want to learn the theoretical portion of Wilderness Survival without the in person practical course.

This course can be taken by anyone, anywhere at anytime.

You will gain knowledge that develops your ability to survive and successfully challenge the overnight course.

Online Basic Wilderness Survival

  • Psychology Of Survival

  • Fire

  • Shelter

  • Food

  • Water

  • Cold Weather

  • Distress Signaling

  • Basic Field Navigation

  • Survival Use Of Plants

  • Animal Encounters

Your Instructor

Wilderness Rescue Solutions

Wilderness Rescue Solutions

Over 20 Years in Emergency Services, Wilderness Search & Rescue as well as Survival Consultant to numerous TV, Film & Media Productions

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