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Aviation Wilderness Survival For Pilots


$250 +Hst


24 Hours

About the Course

As pilots training is nothing new to us. As our careers develop we spend hours and hours reading books and manuals, attending upgrade safety seminars and lectures and practice countless hours of maneuvers and procedures in the aircraft. But the one area we choose to ignore is training that relates to survival.

This course is best suited to the training needs of small groups such as flying clubs or corporate flight departments. In addition it would be a great resume booster for those looking to fly in Northern Remote Regions.

Pilots receive hundreds of hours of training that prepare them to avoid emergencies while flying. Many hours are also spent training to make emergency landings. But what happens after the landing?

The aircraft is down, now what?

Emergency landings take place in remote areas in every type of terrain and during every season of the year.

How prepared are you?

As a pilot or crew member what you know and the emergency equipment you have available may save your life and the lives of others who are with you.

The aircraft SURVIVAL COURSES we offer help prepare pilots, passengers and flight crews to deal with these emergencies confidently. These courses are designed to provide training in the most vital survival skills for pilots, skills that can be life saving after an emergency landing. This training is essential for private pilots, commercial pilots, crew members and anyone who spends much time flying.

The courses are packed with vital information and skills that any air traveler will find valuable. Our TRAINING PROGRAMS are taught using a fast moving hands on approach, designed to give pilots and crew members a working knowledge of important survival techniques for a variety of weather and terrain conditions. Through discussion, demonstrations, simulations and hands on participation,

Our courses are specifically designed for pilots and aircrew members, they are an introduction to the psychology and hands on skills required for survival in a wilderness setting. Students explore the essentials for survival, learn how to keep fear in check, and use problem solving skills through instruction and field experience in a wilderness setting.

Our Aircrew Survival TRAINING COURSE provides training that addresses the unique roles and responsibilities of pilots and other flight crew in responding to an off field emergency landing.

In the event of an in flight emergency, aircrew are in the role of “person in charge", they will be responsible for the survival of passengers, coordinating survival efforts and preparing for rescue. This program will expose aircrew to real world practical hands on training, fostering critical decision making based on familiarity with the capabilities and limitations and that of their survival equipment.

Our programs are designed to provide all aircrew and passengers traveling over remote wilderness locations and water with the knowledge and skills necessary to react to an aircraft off field landing or a ditching event.

Your Instructor

Wilderness Rescue Solutions

Wilderness Rescue Solutions

Over 20 Years in Emergency Services, Wilderness Search & Rescue as well as Survival Consultant to numerous TV, Film & Media Productions

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