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Working On Ice AWARENESS


$50.00 + Hst


ONLINE Self Study

Working On Ice Safety (Online Only) Awareness Course

Course Duration: Online Self Study

Prerequisite: None Course Cost: $50.00+Hst

A certificate is issued on successful completion

The Working on Ice Safety course is designed for personnel who conduct vocational activities on and around ice. This course is recommended for Parks Enforcement Officers, Environment Officers, Hydrometric Scientists and Conservation Authority Staff.

This online program introduces subjects that include ice formation and ice hydrology, site assessment and hazard recognition, Personal Protective Equipment, and industry-mandated safety measures.

This course is for individuals or small groups that are required to work, play or travel on ice over lakes, ponds, and reservoirs, or rivers that are completely frozen over.

The working on ice program has been created with the emphasis on assessment and “being safe” while working around, or on frozen bodies of water.

The goal of the course is to give people assessment and decision making skills to determine safe versus unsafe ice coverings.

Our WORKING ON ICE COURSE has been audited by the Ontario Ministry Of Natural Resources and we are an approved training agency for Ministry Of Natural Resources Employees.

  • Identify various ice types

  • Conduct and document a hazard site assessment and establish a safe working plan

  • Identify and employ appropriate Personal Protective Equipment

  • Determine relatively safe working conditions

  • Be able to self-rescue from an accidental immersion.

  • Online Theory Component

  • Half Day Outside On Local Ice Surface

  • Optional in Water Self Rescue Exercise for those who wish to participate

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