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NFPA 1006 Swift Water Rescue Awareness


$45.00 + Hst


ONLINE Self Study


Prerequisite: None

This course is the prerequisite for our swift water rescue operations program.

Duration: Self Study

Cost: $40.00 +Hst

A certificate is issued on successful completion.

NFPA 1006 Compliant

The Swiftwater Awareness Online course provides participants with the knowledge to keep themselves and others safe when they encounter a water incident, including moving water.

The course is appropriate for any emergency responder (Fire Service, Law Enforcement, EMS, Public Works, and Military or SAR Operations) that could find themselves within 10 feet of the water’s edge during a swiftwater or flood incident.

Swiftwater is defined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) as water moving at a rate that exceeds one knot or approximately 1.15 miles per hour (mph). By comparison, the average walking pace is 3.3 mph.

This course reviews proper safety at a swiftwater incident and how responders can safely stay away from the hazards that such incidents pose to citizens and emergency responders. Participants will learn the importance of scene safety and management, and general hazards.

This online course teaches all the knowledge and skills required to perform at the Awareness level according to NFPA 1670.

Awareness level courses are designed for responders who require the skills necessary to recognize and support a swiftwater incident but this course does not provide any training to conduct or manage a swiftwater rescue incident. This online awareness course provides an overview of specific rescue situations and precautions that responders should utilize on scene of a swiftwater incident.

This online program introduces water rescue subjects that include :

  • Hydrology

  • Site assessment

  • Hazard recognition

  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • And industry-mandated safety measures

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