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NFPA 1006 Ice Water Rescue Technician


$380.00 + Hst


1-2 Days Depending on # of participants


Course Cost: $380.00 +Hst Course Duration:

1-2 Days Depending On # Of Participants

NFPA 1006: Ice Rescue Operations

​The industry standard for static and flat ice operations.

Prerequisite: Ice Rescue Awareness -Online or In Person Awareness

​Course Times: 09:00 - 17:00

NFPA 1006: Ice Rescue Technician

prerequisite: Ice Rescue Operations

Course Times: 09:00 - 17:00

If you need to perform ice-rescues or you work in medium to high-risk environment where the water is flowing underneath the frozen ice, then this is your course. Working from simple to complex systems and focusing on third-party rescues are all performed beyond the skills previously taught in the other courses.

  • Operating around open leads

  • Contact rescues and scenarios are the focus of this training course.

  • Various Methods & Tools For Go Rescues

  • Specific hands on training custom tailored to the equipment your department has.

This two-day course is an intensive practical application of ice rescue philosophy and techniques. Meeting NFPA 1006 standards, you will utilize previously learned skills in a variety of rescue situations while learning new rigging and rescue procedures.

You will plan a response within the capabilities of available resources and implement a planned response consistent with the rescue team's capabilities.

Pre-Requisite: Ice Rescue Operations

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Wilderness Rescue Solutions

Wilderness Rescue Solutions
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