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Bear Spray Training (In Person)


$195.00 + Hst


3 - 4 Hours + Online Pre-Study

Bear Spray Training (In Person)

Full In-Person Training Course Course Cost: $ Please Phone or Email Us for a quote

Course Duration:

3 - 4 Hours With Online Pre-Study

Canada is home to several species of bear. Black Bear, Brown or Grizzly bears and the majestic Polar Bears call Canada home.

Bear spray is only safe and effective if you become knowledgeable on how and when to use it, how to transport it safely, and have practiced removing it from the holster and discharging it. A bear or other wildlife encounter can happen quickly and you want to be able to pull the bear spray out of the holster, remove the safety, and discharge it in less than 2 seconds. To do this calmly and effectively will rely on muscle memory.

Wilderness Rescue Solutions bear spray safety training workshops allow participants to practice using bear spray that does not have the active ingredient (inert spray)

This course teaches students how to deal with bear and wildlife encounters such as cougars, wolves etc.


  • Live Bear Spray Use Training,

  • Live Bear Banger Training

  • And Firearms Familiarization Training (If Required)

Training includes:

  • Bear psychology,

  • Types of encounters and reactionary steps to be taken for each.

  • Also included is Bear Spray Training, and the use of other deterrents

  • Firearms Training.

  • Differences between grizzly and black bears

  • General characteristics

  • Bear behavior and body language

  • Signs of agitation

  • Distribution of bear populations

  • Breeding

  • Hibernation

  • Food sources

  • Hunting, camping, and travelling safely in bear country

  • How to store food in a campsite

  • Avoiding a bear encounter

  • Recognizing and reacting to defensive and non-defensive attacks

  • When and how to play dead

  • Using and handling bear spray

  • Bear bangers

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Wilderness Rescue Solutions

Wilderness Rescue Solutions
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