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Bear Spray & Wildlife Safety AWARENESS Course




ONLINE Self Study

Bear Spray & Wildlife Safety Training

Online only Training Course Cost: $50.00+Hst Course Duration:

Online Pre-Study Canada is home to several species of Cougars & Bears. Black Bear, Brown or Grizzly bears and the majestic Polar Bears call Canada home.

  • Differences between grizzly and black bears

  • General characteristics

  • Bear behavior and body language

  • Signs of agitation

  • Distribution of bear populations

  • Breeding

  • Hibernation

  • Food sources

  • Hunting, camping, and travelling safely in bear country

  • How to store food in a campsite

  • Avoiding a bear encounter

  • Recognizing and reacting to defensive and non-defensive attacks

  • When and how to play dead

  • Using and handling bear spray

  • Bear bangers

This course teaches students how to deal with bear and wildlife encounters such as cougars, wolves etc.

Training includes:

  • Bear psychology,

  • Types of encounters and reactionary steps to be taken for each.

  • Also included is Bear Spray Training, and the use of other deterrents

  • Firearms Training.

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Wilderness Rescue Solutions

Wilderness Rescue Solutions
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