Event Medical Services

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Horse Jumping Events - Car Racing - Concerts - Kids Camps - Adventure Races - Water Ski Competitions

Snow Mobile Racing - Industrial Complexes - Regattas - Fall Fairs - Movie & Tv Shoots

Wilderness Rescue Solutions offers personalised and high quality event medical standby. Events sucks as races, sports events, concerts, fairs, film sets, etc. are often located where medical care facilities are not close or big enough to support an event, and most local authorities require that these events are staffed with a specific level of ambulance service. We can customise our staff and level of care to cater your needs. We carry AED's, Oxygen, Fully stocked trauma bags, Extrication equipment, and other current BLS equipment. Our team offers as many staff members as you need doing standbys, foot patrols, bicycle patrols, water patrols and driven patrols depending on your needs. 

We offer our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are flexible with making our services affordable to accommodate your needs. You can relax, knowing that our prehospital staff is professional and experienced, and easily identifiable to the public. 


Our staff:

We provide highly trained individuals who are both professional and experienced in the prehospital care setting. All of our staff is well versed in BLS care, and guarantee that your event will be covered accordingly. Some of the services our staff can offer are listed below:


  • Fire Fighters

  • Life Guards

  • •Wilderness EMT

  • •Water and Ice rescue

  • •Wilderness survival experts 

  • •Emergency First Responders 

  • •Paramedics

  • •Search and Rescue



Some past projects include:

  • •Naked and Afraid Tv Show Discovery Channel

  • •Camp Rock - Movie Disney Productions

  • •The Adrenaline Project - Tv Show Youth Tv Network

  • •Rockstar Adventure Race

  • •ESAR - Emergency Services Adventure Race

  • Storm The Trent Adventure Race

  • Camp Medic - Bark Lake Outdoor Leadership Centre

  • Camp Medic - Northwest Territories Hydro - Blue FIsh Dam Construction Project

  • Ontario Horse Jumping Shows - Onsite Medic