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WAFA - Wilderness Advanced First Aid Awareness

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The WAFA - Wilderness Advanced First Awareness course is an excellent starting point for those serious outdoor adventurers or if you are looking to start in the Outdoor Recreation or Outdoor Education fields. This course will give you a solid understanding in patient assessment as well as many of the key topics in Wilderness First Aid, this course assures you a high level of confidence in your new skills. The AWARENESS level course has all the content of the regular Wilderness Advanced First Aid Course, HOWEVER it does not include a practical portion, and is delivered strictly online. As their is no practical hands on training in the Awareness level course students will be provided a wall certificate of completion at the end of the course, rather then a standard WAFA - Wilderness Advanced First Aid Certification Card. At the end of your course we will email you a digital copy of your wall certificate.

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WAFA Awareness Level, $225.00

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WAFA Wilderness Advanced First Aid Awareness

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