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Basic Wilderness First Aid AWARENESS Level

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This course is a fun and practical introduction into Wilderness First Aid. The AWARENESS level course has all the content of the regular Basic Wilderness First Aid, HOWEVER it does not include a practical portion, and is delivered strictly online. As their is no practical hands on training in the Awareness level course students will be provided a wall certificate of completion at the end of the course, rather then a standard Basic Wilderness First Aid Certification Card. This cost saving course is of great benefit of learning in-depth concepts in Basic Wilderness First Aid for their own personnel knowledge and ability to help themselves. If however you require training for work reasons we would suggest taking one of our main stream Certifiable Courses Not an Awareness Learn at your own pace, no deadlines. This course is perfect for anyone who likes to play in the great outdoors! We cover all of the essential topics ! This course is perfect for those who play in the outdoors and would like to add on to their urban Standard First Aid qualification. The course can count towards upgrading to a full Basic Wilderness Certification with an optional one day practical upgrade session if you take the practical session within 6 months after the day you complete the Awareness Level Course. This course can be taken by anyone, any age and anywhere in the world. At the end of your course we will email you a digital copy of your wall certificate.

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BWFA Awareness, $105.54


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