Asthma &  Anaphylaxis Training

Asthma & Anaphylaxis Training


Course Cost:  $45.00+HST


Asthma & Anaphalaxis training can save lives.

Without planning and quick response death is possible.

Our Anaphylaxis First Aid training course will teach people how to effectively and quickly treat severe allergic reactions and Asthma in either children or adults.


The training lasts 4 hours and participants will be assessed throughout, with a certificate awarded upon completion.


The course is available either in-house or at our location, however we do recommend the in-house version so that the training can be tailored to suit any specific requirements of the workplace or camp.

Areas Covered:

  • Legal compliance.

  • Preventing anaphylaxis.

  • Recognising anaphylaxis.

  • Treatment methods.

  • Auto-injectors.

  • The treatment of severe asthma attacks

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